MetaLearn 2020

Meta-Learning challenges

Following the success of the AutoDL 2019-2020 challenge series (which was part of the competition selection of NeurIPS 2019), we are starting to organize a series of challenges on Meta-Learning.

We to co-schedule a workshop on Meta-Learning at AAAI, 2021 in Vancouver, Canada. We are happy to announce Chelsea Finn (Stanford University), Oriol Vinyals (Google Deepmind), Lilian Weng (OpenAI) and Richard Zemel (University of Toronto) as our keynote speakers.


To ramp up difficulty, we are running a series of milestone challenges of increasing difficulty.

  1. MetaDL Challenge 2020 - Focuses on Image Classification tasks

  2. Challenge 2021 - Focuses on all sorts of Classification tasks

  3. Challenge 2022 - To be announced

AAAI 2021 Workshop

We are happy to confirm that our workshop has been accepted for AAAI 2021. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, it will be held completely virtual.

We accept regular papers (7 pages, AAAI style) and small papers (4 pages, AAAI style). Accepted regular papers can opt-in form formal PMLR proceedings. Call for papers.

Submission deadline: November 10, 2020

We are happy to announce Chelsea Finn, Oriol Vinyals, Lilian Weng and Richard Zemel as keynote speakers.

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Tentative schedule for the Meta-Learning 2020 Challenge. For full information, see the CodaLab challenge.

  • September 2020: Release of starter kit and public datasets for 2020 Challenge

  • October 2020: Start of feedback phase

  • November 2020: End of the 2020 Challenge

  • February 2021: Workshop on Meta-Learning and the Meta-Learning 2020 Challenge

About Meta Learning

For a comprehensive overview of Meta-learning, we refer to the following resources:

About us

This challenge would not have been possible without the help of many people.

Main organizers:

  • Adrian El Baz (U. Paris-Saclay, France)

  • Isabelle Guyon (U. Paris-SaclayINRIA, France and ChaLearn, USA)

  • Zhengying Liu (U. Paris-Saclay, France)

  • Jan N. van Rijn (Leiden University, Netherlands)

  • Sebastien Treguer (U. Paris-Saclay, France)

  • Joaquin Vanschoren (Eindhoven University, the Netherlands)

Other contributors to the organization, starting kit, and datasets, include:

  • Salisu Abdulraman (Kano University, Nigeria)

  • Stephane Ayache (AMU, France)

  • Kristin Bennett (RPI, New York, USA)

  • Bernd Bischl (LMU Munich, Germany) (pending confirmation)

  • Pavel Brazdil (INSESC Tec, Portugal)

  • André C. P. L. F. de Carvalho (Universidade de São Paulo)

  • Gavin Cawley (U. East Anglia, UK) (pending confirmation)

  • Katharina Eggensperger (University of Freiburg, Germany)

  • André Elisseeff (Google Zurich, Switzerland)

  • Hugo Jair Escalante (IANOE, Mexico and ChaLearn, USA)

  • Sergio Escalera (U. Barcelona, Spain and ChaLearn, USA)

  • Matthias Feurer (University of Freiburg, Germany)

  • Kemilly Dearo Garcia (Pega, Netherlands)

  • Bram van Ginneken (Radboud U. Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

  • Alexandre Gramfort (U. Paris-Saclay; INRIA, France)

  • Frank Hutter (University of Freiburg, Germany) (pending confirmation)

  • Aaron Klein (Amazon, Germany) (pending confirmation)

  • Rafael Gomes Mantovani (Federal Technology University - Paraná)

  • Andreas Mueller (Microsoft, USA)

  • Bernhard Pfahringer (University of Waikato)

  • Florian Pfisterer (LMU Munich, Germany)

  • Fabio Pinto (Feedzai, Portugal)

  • Aske Plaat (Leiden University, the Netherlands)

  • Marc Schoenauer (U. Paris-Saclay, INRIA, France)

  • Michele Sebag (U. Paris-Saclay; CNRS, France) (pending confirmation)

  • Danny Silver (Acadia University, Canada) (pending confirmation)

  • Carlos Soares (University of Porto, Portugal)

  • Lisheng Sun (U. Paris-Saclay; UPSud, France)

  • Ricardo Vilalta (University of Houston, USA)

  • Wei-Wei Tu (4paradigm, China)

  • Zhen Xu (Ecole Polytechnique and U. Paris-Saclay; INRIA, France)

The challenge is running on the Codalab platform, administered by Université Paris-Saclay and maintained by CKCollab LLC, with primary developers:

  • Eric Carmichael (CKCollab, USA)

  • Tyler Thomas (CKCollab, USA)

ChaLearn is the challenge organization coordinator. Google is the primary sponsor of the challenge and helped defining the tasks, protocol, and data formats. 4Paradigm donated prizes, datasets, and contributed to the protocol, baselines methods and beta-testing. Other institutions of the co-organizers provided in-kind contributions, including datasets, data formatting, baseline methods, and beta-testing.

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